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September 19 2017 [Minutes only]
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State Convention Business Meeting
March 11 2017 [Minutes only]
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2017 BCHI State Board of Directors Meeting
September 16, 2017 Minutes
Hosted by Eagle Rock BCH in Idaho Falls, Idaho

The September 16, 2017 BCHI State Board of Directors (SBD) meeting was called to order at 8:01 by State Chairperson Bill Conger in Idaho Falls, ID, with the Pledge of Allegiance.

State Secretary, Debbie Samovar conducted the Roll Call of State Directors present. All chapters were represented except Palouse and Selkirk Valley. Minutes from the last Directors Meeting of March 10 and the Annual Business Meeting of March 11 were read. Scott Nichols of Boise, made a motion to accept the minutes, Amy Lyman, Portneuf River, seconded, Motion PASSED.

State Treasurer, Kay Ryan reported on the finances for the period March 1, 2016 through August 31, 2017 we started with $50,638.37. Val Johnson, Salmon River, motioned to accept Treasurer’s Report, Phil Ryan, Squaw Butte, 2nd, Motion PASSED.

Chainsaw Certification – Bill Conger, Chairman, has been in contact with Dale Schrempp, Priest River, who will be setting up with the FS to get saw certification. Twin Rivers and North Central each have a certified trainer as they were professional sawyers for many years and fell into the FS training. We currently don’t have anything set with FS yet to train other chapter members as trainers. That’s our goal and that is what Dale will work on. Currently Jerry Lane, Twin Rivers, Joe Robinson, North Central and Doug Olive, FS, are certified to train. There is a policy change with the FS where they are going to train us to be our own trainers. FS trained people in the Portneuf chapter in Ogden, UT and Cache Peak is working with the Minidoka Ranger District for training. Dale will follow through on this for both Regions 1 and 4.  Sara Johnson, Salmon River, passed out copies of an article written by member John Burns regarding saws which will be in Broomtales.

Bikes in the Wilderness – Scott Nichols, Boise, H.R. 1349 was introduced in March 2nd. You can go to to check the status of a bill. It has a 9% chance of being passed and at the present moment there is no action on it. Bills are introduced at the beginning of an election cycle, 2017, and runs for two years, till the next election. At the beginning of the next cycle bills that have not passed get wiped off and have to be reintroduced. There are 27 different bills with the term “wilderness” in them and the Pacific Crest Trail has a 47% chance of becoming a law.

Website list of Idaho’s Congressional delegation - Scott Nichols talked about putting hot links on our website that would go to the web pages of Idaho’s Congressional delegation, elected State Officials and candidates for office and what their positions are on the issues that are important to us. Should include Crapo, Risch, Labrador, Simpson, the Governor and candidates. Scott will commit to looking behind the scenes for position stances. Phil Ryan has personally joined the Idaho Wildlife Federation to connect with lawmakers.

Create a list of annual grant opportunities - Scott Nichols talked about BCHI and BCHI Foundation creating a list of annual grants, deadlines, award dates, limits and purposes. Boise will contribute information and work with our Web Coordinator, Jill Nebeker to put it on the web site. Then in March have the Foundation take this over.

Membership dues set to meet operations expenses – It was asked if Boise was going to submit a proposal to the Delegates in March or was this just a discussion item for today’s meeting. For 2017, based on the 2016 membership, we had 285 singles and 253 families. The state collected $20 for singles and $30 for families, for a total of $13,333 of which $8,859 went to BCHA leaving us with $4,471. Based on the budget and last years membership, the membership dues to the state would need to increase to $40 for singles and $60 for families. A show of hands of the directors indicated that most chapters would reject the increase. Thus this issue will not go forward.

Education Chair Report – Marybeth Conger, Squaw Butte – One of the problems with having one Education Chair person for Idaho is the geography. Karen Kimball, Panhandle, has volunteered to co-chair. 
            LNT – We need to re-energize Leave No Trace Education. The Board has agreed to send Marybeth to the Master Education Course in California and will do it in 2018. Would like to see a Master Educator in each chapter. Currently we only have three people who have the Master Education status, but not all are active right now. Looking to get some new educators and set some expectations. There is a commitment of putting on two trainings and one public event annually for a duration of five years. It was asked if BCHI is a member of the Leave No Trace organization and is there a cost associated with that, if so we need to put that into the budget. Marybeth will check into it. There is a syllabus on our web site outlining the training course. If a trainer is asked to go to another chapter to train, there should be a mechanism to reimburse for mileage, such as have the chapter’s Foundation Director fill out a reimbursement request and have it to through the Foundation. The intent of Master Educators is to train the trainers.
            Education Grants – Marybeth will create a template for chapters to request money from the Foundation for Master Education costs along with a jacket. This will appear on the upcoming Grants page. There was a comment that in the past Forest Services have had grants to pay for training. So if someone in your chapter is interested check with your local FS contact.
            Chapter Leadership Training – Marybeth, Karen Kimball and Karen Parks will be working on having a couple of workshops at Convention with more details to come.
Broomtales Report – Bill Conger, Chairman, reported that Lorelei Hamon is retiring and we need to find a new editor. An e-mail was sent to all the chapters asking them to search their membership for anyone who would be interested. Twin Rivers does have one volunteer, but she can’t do it until she retires in 3 years. If we don’t get an editor maybe we should place a $300 ad in Just Horses. This would have to be put into the budget.

Media Chair – Debbie Samovar, Secretary – at the last meeting during the Broomtales conversation, it was noted that people should also submit their articles to horse magazines. It was commented that we should have a Media Chair to collect contact info for all the various magazines and could e-blast articles to all of them. Articles that fit within our mission statement can be sent and the author can say they’re a member of a BCHI chapter. We do not want to be perceived as a riding group. Don’t send horse accidents. It was discussed that perhaps we could have links on the website.

Cultivate Relationships – Scott Nichols, Boise, commented that with respect to trail clearing, the age and ability of our membership shifts over time. We need to rethink how we interface with individuals that are capable of doing this kind of work.  Reach out to Boy Scouts of America or some other organization you can depend on a yearly basis who can do x number of miles of trails.

BCHI Insurance – Bill Conger reported we changed the number of event days paid for buy the State to two per chapter. Those event days need to be submitted by the 15th of February 2018 to be included in next year’s policy.  You can submit more than two public event days, you will just be billed for those. Event days are still running $45, parades $100 and an additional insured $20. Need time if you’re adding an event. A week’s notice is a little tight, especially as Bill isn’t always at home. Try for 30 days. When you are sent a bill for an extra event, please pay promptly. The insurance will not cover public events that have alcohol or dogs on the trail. There is no coverage for lending or renting animals to another person. Anytime you have non-members on a trail ride or work project, you must list it as a public event, otherwise you won’t have coverage. Liability is third party coverage . The insurance company is the first party, BCHI is the second party and third party is the unknown party that may claim injury.

Nomination Committee – At the spring meeting we will need to elect one national director, an alternate director, vice-chairman and chairman. Phil Ryan will chair the committee and Amy Lyman will assist.

Web Coordinator – Jill Nebeker, Treasure Valley, would like to create a link for each chapter on the state map. The headers at the top really don’t explain much and would like to expand those, reorganize the layout and make navigation easier.  Rod Parks made a motion to let the web coordinator free range to update and improve the quality of our website, Sara Johnson seconded, all ayes. Motion passed.

Membership E-mails - Debbie Samovar, Secretary, at the last director’s meeting, Bob Savage commented that he receives phone calls from actual members wanting to know what is happening because their directors are not disseminating any information to them. I have received e-mails from BCHA which I have forward to directors and found out that they did not make it to the membership and I hope everyone got the Emergency Marking of Horses information. Sometimes e-mails come in requesting that we contact our congressmen on a bill that will be going to vote in the next day or two. If I have everyone’s addresses then I could send that e-mail out to everyone at one time. The only people who would get our addresses would be me and the National if you would like to do that. BCHA is creating a social networking group of just BCH members. That way someone in Ohio could communicate with someone in Idaho. It would also require you to go onto the BCHA site and create a profile.
            Raenette stated that it is the duty of the directors to pass information onto their chapter. We should not get a free pass by having the secretary do an e-mail.  It was commented that if a director gets an e-mail and they are away for a day or two, then timely info doesn’t get out. Also there are a lot of steps in getting information out. It’s received by the secretary, forward to the director, who sends it to the chapter secretary and then it is sent to the members. If the secretary has everyone’s e-mails, then it’s just one click and it’s out to everyone.
            Rod mentioned that BCHA has been requesting our e-mails for years and maybe we need to readdress this issue. Amy Lyman, National Director, reported that because of the networking through BCHA some Missouri chapters came out and did some work with Wyoming chapters during the summer.

Salmon River’s 40th Anniversary – Salmon is one of the original four chapters that formed BCHA and they are going to have a display and presentation at the Convention.

Convention – Billie Havens, SBD meeting and Foundation meeting will be on Friday, March 9th and the Convention will be on Saturday, March 10th. The location will be at the Quality Inn & Suites Convention Center, 700 Port Dr., Clarkston, Washington.  

Photo Criteria for Calendars – Debbie Samovar explained the new criteria for photos, with the major change being that photos can be taken in any state and must be of BCHI members, taken by a member, or taken for BCHI. Additionally it was noted that the purpose of the calendar is to promote BCHI and our Mission Statement. The criteria will be put in Broomtales and in the Call for Photos. Consensus of the Directors is that the big photos should be ones that help sell the calendar, i.e. horses with scenery.

National Directors’ Reports – Amy Lyman, Portneuf River, BCHA is in transition since Peg retired and they hired an a management firm. Erica Fearn is our contact. The convention was great. They put together a book of all the states hours. Unfortunately Idaho wasn’t in it. Roland Cheek, the last living founding member of BCHA was there and thanked all the states for all their work. He wants us to focus on youth and education.
            Still working on chainsaw certification and every chapter should have a First Aid person. National membership is way down and we should get involved with other wilderness groups. They met a National Hunters and Angler group at dinner and they are now working with us on the National level. Also need to work with agencies, hikers and bikers. Jim McGarvey created some pass out cards for us to pass out to anyone that we meet on the trails.
            California Mid-Valley Chapter goes to the Rose Parade and for 2019 they have invited packers from WA, OR, ID and MT. There is an application that you will need to fill out on the National site.
Ways & Means – Rod Parks, Twin Rivers, had a thought that maybe we get with other volunteer organizations and start a Crowd Sourcing Event to keep trail access open. Would like to get together with a few other people to brainstorm on other options for fundraising.  Some ideas were have a few competitive trail rides through the state with a championship ride at the end. Heartland has started an event called TRUE- Trail Users Etiquette. The idea of TRUE is to get a variety of trail users- horsemen, hikers, mountain bikers, ATV hunters, Razor drivers, etc. together to learn what etiquette is appropriate when meeting each other on the forest trails. Maybe we could make this into a fund raiser.
            The budget goes up each year due to inflation and our income from the raffle calendars tends to be less each year. We need to look forward for when the raffle won’t be supporting us any more. Maybe we should revisit the amount of money we put into the legal fund as we had to cut corners on our budget.        
            2018 Raffle Calendar– it’s estimated that if we sell all of the calendars, with reducing the grand prize to $3,000, assuming we eliminate the 10% payback to chapters and other expenses, we should net $14,800. The cuts saved us $6340. Otherwise we would only make $8,460. Maybe we should put on our spring agenda upping the calendar sales. We have chapters that take 200 while others only take 30. This is supposed to be equitable and we decided as a State to sell raffle tickets. We need to go over our numbers and sell more tickets.

Volunteer Hours and Annual Reports – Rod Parks, Twin Rivers. These reports are best thing we have to get some clout, accountability and recognition from our public agencies we work with. When you put your reports together you should also send them to any agency that you did work for them. We should report our hours and the dollar value when we are speaking to other groups.
            Every chapter should have a Volunteer Hours Coordinator and chapters should complete and submit their reports to BCHI Vice Chairman by the end of the year. Go to the Documents page on the BCHI website for the Forms and Guidelines links that will take you to the actual forms on the BCHA site.. Our reports will be combined for the state and sent to BCHA. Write a report on each project that you did and Rod will pick one from each chapter to put in his National report. If you need help with the reports, call Rod. Members should report hours to newsletters that are also sent out to agencies, or when speaking in front of other groups.

Public Lands Report – North – Rod Parks, Twin Rivers, he covers from Heartland north.
            SOPA – Reminded everyone again for the need to check the SOPAS “Schedule of Proposed Action” for their forests quarterly – January, April, July and October. You can go to the FS website It pulls up a map and you can go to your forest. Check for Trail Reconstruction and Logging. When they go in and clear cut you can lose trails. They put out a maps showing where the trails are and we need to make sure that they put it back in. When they do trail reconstruction make sure you check to see what trail class it‘s going to be built to and let them know you support it.
            Federal Register – It lists all things coming up for FS, BLM, and NPS. Try to check this a couple times a month. There are links to all three on the BCHI website at the top of the “Issues Page” a couple times a month. It is very important to get involved and respond at the Scoping stage. If you don’t comment, then no appeals can be done.
            RAC – The Resource Advisory Committees in Idaho,, reviews grant application every spring. Link to application forms at They offer training for filling out the grants and the deadline to submit grants is usually in January every year.
            Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail – This trail was designated a national scenic trail in 2009, located on 1200 miles of trail from the Continental Divide to the Pacific Ocean. For details see;  An Advisory Council was formed in 2015. Selkirk Valley and Priest River BCH have been involved in the trail section across Idaho. Issues are Grizzly Bear and Caribou habitats and non motorized trail locations for hikers and equine. Their final plan is due 2019.
            Wallace L. Forest Conservation Area – this is BLM land located on Blue Creek Bay on Coeur d’Alene Lake. They signed their decision June 16, 2017. "These projects balance the demands of the recreating public, create jobs through implementation of the forestry and fuels reduction work and help protect adjacent homeowners from the threat of wildfire,” said Balm’s Coeur d’Alene Field Manager Kurt Pavlat. Recreation enhancements include creating additional equestrian/hiking trails on the west side of the project area where use is already occurring. Creating opportunities for mountain biking/hiking trails in the project area's northwest section. Other enhancements include development of a small, graveled parking area off Bonnell Road, enlarging the existing meadow parking area, creating a kid-friendly mountain bike loop on the east side and installing a stream crossing over Blue Creek that will accommodate hikers, mountain bikers and horseback riders. 
            Scotchman Peak – Karen Kimball report that there was a public meeting in Bonners Ferry. It was well organized and we had four people attend. Two of which rode up the trail prior to the meeting and helped a conservation group in the clearing of part it. There is talk of making switchbacks on the trail .
Public Lands Report – South - Phil Ryan, Squaw Butte
            Owyhee Initiative – There are no meetings in the summer months for OI.  Organization members did attend the grand opening of the Bruneau Overlook built by the BLM as part of the recreation aspects of the new wilderness.  That happened to be National Trails Day (weekend) so BCHI members from the Emmett chapter were developing new trail routes in the Perjeu Canyon and Shoo-fly Creek area where the BLM plans to build a new trailhead in 2018         Idaho Sportsman’s Alliance – Next meeting is October. No issues affecting public lands this last year.

Handouts from Phil
The National Forest System Trails Stewardship Act – Response from the Chief of the Forest Service concerning the National Strategy for a Sustainable Trail System. This is in response to the Trails bill passed last November.  His strategy for the next 10 years is to get more volunteers and have less trails. A PDF can be downloaded from:

Sabinoso Wilderness – is America’s only inaccessible wilderness located in northern New Mexico. Currently two senators and a Swiss philanthropist and the Secretary of the Interior are working on to getting public access to this area. See article in Outdoor Life at:

Eight lawmakers whose bills attack public lands – Read this article about these lawmakers and who contributes to their campaigns in the High Country News, June 10, 2017 issue at:

Idaho Conservation League – Legislative Summary 2017. by Jonathan Oppenheimer, Government Relations Director, reports on how things went in 2017. (See Attachment #1)

Owyhee Canyonlands Wilderness (Background) – The Federal government is going to exchange lands form inside the wilderness that belong to the State to the BLM.  But the land that the government is going to get must have a greater value than the State. The Owyhee Initiative opposes this and that it should be an equal exchange. (See Attachment #2)  

Wilderness Planning – August and September Newsletters for Hemingway-Boulders Wilderness, White Clouds Wilderness and the Jim McClure-Jerry Peak Wilderness. (See Attachments #3&4)

Why Public Lands Matter – Phil attended a public meeting in Boise at the Andrus Center for Public Policy, covering how the West benefits and how our local politicians still want to get the timber. Additional info at:

HR 1349 – Bikes in the Wilderness – The bill hasn’t gone anywhere. Find it at 115th-congress/house-bill/1349?q=%7B%22search%22%3A%5B%221349%22%5D%7D&r=1

HR 2862 – Wildfire Disaster Funding Act – BCHA, BCHI and all the other States are for this.  Find the bill at Click on the Text tab.

USFS Idaho Buckhorn Burning – regarding a prescribed burn. (See Attachment #6)

Idaho Hunters learn Texas billionaires are locking them out at the last minute. See article at:

Bill commented that if we see anything, we need to get our comments in on it.

Idaho Horse Council – Raenette Didier, North Central. The State Vet e-mailed that we had our first confirmed case of West Nile Virus in Payette County. The IHC awards three $1500 scholarships annually. 2018 applications are due February 25th and forms are on their website. The Idaho Horse Board Grants are presented at the end of January. Applications are on their site and are due by Midnight on December 1st. Historic use of Horse Racing machines that were put around the State provided that 1% of the funding was to comeback to the IHC and they finally received their money, $143,000.
By-Laws - Bill Conger, Chairman, sent out proposed changes to the formatting of the By-Laws to make the language consistent, missing wording and easier to read. These items do not require a vote.  As far as the two Articles we discussed, do you have to be a State Director to become a National Director and when the State Officers take office, will need to be voted on by the Delegates. There was a question on the suggested addition of Article XI, Liquidation, Dissolution or Termination, that shouldn’t the assets go back to the chapters? The assumption is that if BCHI is falling out of existence, is that the chapters are already gone. This is a requirement of our 501(c)4 and should be in every chapters’ By-Law.

Legal Fund –  Rod Parks made a motion, that when the Treasurer of BCHI closes the books for the fiscal year, 50% of the excess funds will go into the legal fund. Scott Nichols, Boise seconded.  Discussion – All of the income from our dues and raffle calendar sales go to pay for all of our operational expenses for the year, 50% of what is left over will go into the legal fund. Amy received a text from Freddy Dunn, National Chairman, that BCHA has a legal fund, but states decide on their own if they want one. The vote was unanimous. Motion Passed.
            There is confusion as to whether the dropping of  the 10% of the sales back to the chapters was a one time thing or is this going to be continual. The calendars go from January to December and out fiscal year ends in February. So the 10% that would be paid out for the 2017 calendars would actually be paid in March of 2018.

Adjourn – Motion made, seconded, adjourned at 4:17.
Respectfully Submitted, Debbie Samovar, Secretary, 208-245-3041,

NOTE: For attachments, see PDF version.


2017 BCHI State Board of Directors Meeting
March 10, 2017 Minutes
Hosted by Boise BCH in Boise, Idaho

The March 10, 2017 BCHI State Board of Directors (SBD) meeting was called to order at 8:08 by State Chairperson Bob Savage in Boise, ID, with the Pledge of Allegiance.

State Secretary, Debbie Samovar conducted the Roll Call of State Directors present. All chapters were represented. Minutes from the last Directors Meeting of September 2016 were read. Ken Nungesser, Treasure Valley, made a motion to accept the minutes, Bill Conger, Squaw Butte, seconded, Motion PASSED.

State Treasurer, Kay Ryan reported on the finances for the period September 1, 2016 through February 28, 2017.
Bill Conger, Squaw Butte, made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report as presented, Gay Hood, High Desert, 2nd, Motion PASSED.

Annual Financial Review - Gretel Kleint, Heartland and Karen Parks, Twin Rivers, volunteered.

Directors Training - Raenette Didier, North Central, had everyone turn to the Director’s Training tab in their Director’s Policy Manual. She read the Preamble, discussed Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws. She also noted that the Policy Manual does not yet speak to motions previously made that are still on the books that are used for everyday business, such as mileage reimbursement. Directors need to look in the media to be aware of actions that would affect access to trails. She covered the State Board Membership, Officers and Operations of the SBD, the Vice-Chair who collects the Volunteer Hours and Annual Reports, compiles them and sends to BCHA. She stressed the duties of the State Directors as explained on page 10 and how important they are and if you don’t take away anything else from this training, remember the list in the box on page 10. In covering the Officers and Operation of SBD, from the By-Laws, on page 17, it was emphasized how important it is for the chapters to have 2 Directors and an alternate so as to have 2 representatives at the Board meeting. If only one of those three people can make the meeting, only the chapter president can contact the Chairman, prior to the meeting, naming their second (proxy) representative. Only the Directors can make a motion and vote. The Chairman only votes in a tie. We generally follow Roberts Rules which are covered on page 16.

Volunteer Hours and Annual Reports - Brandon Breaux, Boise, passed out copies of the report that he compiled from all the hours the chapters sent in. The numbers are not accurate as he just got the last chapters’ reports today, so the numbers will go up. As a State organization we put in 13,229 hours, saving the Federal government $602,271.66. Annual Reports are still coming in. (See Attachment #1)

WEB Changes – Rod Parks, Twin Rivers, will not be doing the website anymore. He took the job initially because he felt it needed to be done and has been asking for someone to take it over. The secretary asked for a list of what Rod felt the duties were for the position, which was then e-mailed to all the Directors and chapter presidents. He’s been asking chapters to send him updates to keep the site fresh. If people go to our site on a regular basis and don’t see something new, they’re never going to go to it again. We don’t have a Facebook page, so we need to keep fresh to keep our exposure up. It is up to the chapters to send info to the website. It is not necessary for the website coordinator to be a board member, but at least an active chapter member to do this position. The website coordinator does not do the site design, they just collect the information and makes sure it is in a format that the website designer can use and then that person makes the changes to the site. We’re just looking for someone to call a chapter and say “Hey, you haven’t sent anything in 2 years”. Rod just shoots the update to the site designer and tells him what page to put it on. There has been talk about getting a donation button on the site and until we get our 501(c) figured out, that will be handled at a later date with the Foundation. Jill Nebeker, Treasure Valley, volunteered to do the website.

Federal Land Exchange – Bob Savage, Chairman, going to pass to the Public Lands reports.

BCHI Insurance – Bill Conger reported that he received the renewed quote from our new carrier, its $3,084. On the handout that was passed around he referred to a document from our Policy Manual labeled Statewide Policy for Public Events, dated July 11, 2009. It limited each chapter to 2 public events per year, between then and now it has gone to unlimited. On the sheet was a proposal to update and change the BCHI policy for coverage of Public Events that he suggested that the Board pass a motion stating: Each chapter is responsible for getting instructions and forms from the website; Each chapter was limited to 5 Public Event Days per year; Chapters would be responsible for the actual cost of any days above and beyond their 5 Event Days that were submitted and Chapters would pay any invoice for insurance coverage within 30 days.
            All events include a day for set up and a day for tear down. Bill went over the basic info on our insurance and due dates for the new Directors. The State pays the bill for your coverage as long as you submit that form from the website by Feb 15th of each year. He received requests for 44 public event days for this next policy period. The cost of an event that is added after Feb 15th will be known when the insurance company sends us the bill and the Treasurer will send the bill to the chapter. If you have to fill out a permit to have an event on public lands, they will probably want to be listed as an “Additional Insured” which is usually $20 and they usually have special language they want listed on that coverage that you will need to put on your request for that event. Even though it is someone else’s parade, if you participate in that parade as Back Country Horsemen and you want liability coverage for your participation, you need to list that public event. If not, and someone comes back and sues you as Back Country Horsemen, there will not be coverage.
            It was discussed that with all these public event days the State is covering, it’s no wonder that we’re over budget. It was mentioned that chapters who put on a public event where they are making money should pay the coverage for that event and that the State cover the costs for events that are free to the public. In planning your events, if you know you want to put on an event in May, pick a day and submit it. If at the time you are actually ready to have the event, and the original date is not going to work, submit a date change a week in advance if possible. There is no charge to change a date. This will give you an opportunity to submit it before the Feb deadline.
            Does the current premium include the $235 credit we got for cancelled events from last year? No, but that credit will automatically reduce what we have to pay this year. Maybe we need to put a check box on the form for chapters to mark that they can pay the cost of the insurance for their money making event or the chapter could make a donation to BCHI. If your event is rained out, send Bill an e-mail as soon as possible with a new date within a week or two so he can notify the insurance company. If you end up canceling an event, let him know and the State will be credited for that cancellation. Please read the information form on the website. All this information is on it. Are there any exclusions that we need to provide the new company? We have adopted an alcohol and dog policy, and that has not been changed and a copy has been sent to the new company.
            Bill asked for a motion to adopt this for our guidelines for insurance, Ken Nungesser, Treasure Valley, so moved, Sam Duncan, Palouse, 2nd. Discussion, we just discussed the need to balance the budget and we just talked about going from unlimited events to 5 days for 16 chapters. The motion was to adopt the paper that was handed out and that does have 5 event days on it and if we want to change the number, he has no problem with that. This would take effect in 2018. Roll call vote: 12 Yea’s 18 No’s. Motion FAILED.
            Rod Parks, Twin Rivers, made a motion to accept Bill’s proposal with the second item switched to 2 public event days rather than 5, Gay Hood, High Desert, 2nd.  It was discussed to limit the number based on the budget. In the past when we only had 2 events per chapter and the State paid for 2 per chapter, when we got to the cutoff date, the insurance coordinator would send out a memo saying we have this many events left and other chapters could submit more projects. This would certainly apply now. Roll call vote: 26 Yea’s 4 No’s. Motion PASSED.  This is for next year (2018), what has been submitted for this year is already in the quote and included. (See Attachment #2)

Broomtales Report – Debbie Samovar, Sawtooth, reported articles for the next issue are due May 17th. There was applause for the new stock and color of the Broomtales. The point was made that there is value in the hardcopy of Broomtales, don’t forget to submit your articles to Just Horses and other magazines. Maybe we could come up with a Media/Marketing list and just cc the articles when sending it to Broomtales. There was a question as who owns the copyright when we send an article to a magazine. Sometimes when you submit an article the publisher may want to have exclusive rights to the article. Rod Parks, Twin Rivers, made a motion not to put the BCHI minutes in Broomtales, Brandon Breaux, Boise 2nd, Motion PASSED.  Please make sure all your agency contacts are up to date and to Debbie.

Education Chair Report – Marybeth Conger, Squaw Butte, presented the BCHI video that will soon be on the website for chapters to download to use at public outreach events. The goal is to introduce our organization to the public and to grow our members. Robbin Schindele is the creative person who put this together and it was our members who submitted the photos.
            LNT – Marybeth had some fabulous door prizes she gave away to people who could answer questions about LNT. Karen Kimball, Panhandle, reported that Back Country Horsemen of Washington and the Ponderosa Chapter are having a Basic Training Seminar at the Riverside State Park in Spokane, WA on April 7th – 9th. Debbie Samovar, Secretary, has the registration and information forms and will e-mail it to everyone. Marybeth reported that that very course outline has been on our BCHI website since 2003. It is called the BCHI LNT Basic Class Outline. All of our training syllabuses are out there for all 5 different tiers. We need to revitalize our Master Educators and get them out there training Trainers, so that the Trainers can put on a course like this, you can download it and you’re ready to rock and roll.
            LNT Master Education Training When Marybeth went to sign up at Nine Mile Remount Station, they no longer offer the LNT. BCH of California was nationally recognized in the Leave No Trace Education of Stock and in 2015 and was awarded the contract by the LNT organization to provide the only Leave No Trace Stock Master Educator course in the country. They offer the course twice a year and it rotates between north and southern CA and the course currently costs $400. They also do Sawyer certification. Because of schedule conflicts, Marybeth can’t take the course until 2018 and she’s put the word out that if anyone wants to be a Master Educator Trainer, contact her.
            Education Funds to Foundation – To help with the budget, she would like to propose that all of the State Education go through the Foundation. Rather than have a line item on the BCHI Budget, that we write a check to the Foundation and Marybeth and Chris Reed will go through an approval process. It was suggested that we apply for a grant from the Idaho Horse Council for funds for the Master Course Training and that it be filled out by the Foundation for 2018.
            BCHI Membership Training – There has been discussions on the Leadership training that WA does. Karen Kimball, Panhandle, has agreed to work with Marybeth on a Training Module for ID. The people who currently have the positions will be doing the training. We need to get more people involved. This will give them a chance to learn what that job is. Chapter level officers will have a chance to receive training from the people who are doing the jobs at the State level. (See Attachment #3)

Calendars – Rod Parks, Twin Rivers, shared that after the discussion at the Sept SBD meeting, he and Kay came up with what the dues would need to be if we no longer had the calendar program. If there is no other source of income, Singles dues would need to be $35 and family dues would need to be $60. For 2018 the single dues will be $20 and family dues will be $30.The amount of increase is based on current membership levels.
            Raenette Didier, North Central, talked about the history behind the Proposal that their chapter put forward on the Calendars. Based on comments from chapters who don’t want to sell the calendars, they did not want a proposal to come up to do away with the calendars and the SBD be stuck with trying to come up with a new way to raise money. The chapters need to know, just like the dues increases, that when the board decides to do something, all the chapters have to participate. The By-Laws talk about supporting the State organization and what is more applicable is we follow Robert’s Rules of Order; it’s whoever gets the most votes, that’s the way the vote goes. The vote on the Proposal goes before the delegates.
            The printing is coming up and we need to make a decision now if we are going to have calendars for 2018. If the Proposal passes we would still need to go with the 2018 calendars. Debbie Samovar, Sawtooth, reported on the costs for printing 1,800, 1,700 and 1,600, with 5% overs. It was decided to take a count on how many calendars each chapter wants to decide how many to print. For 2016, with overs we received 2,100 and Brandon Breaux, Boise, reported that after the drawing he threw 110 calendars into the trash.
            Chapter roll call was taken for the number of 2018 calendars each chapter is going to take:
Boise – 30                  Cache Peak –55         Eagle Rock – 25        Heartland – 80          High Desert – 75
North Central – 200    Palouse – 50               Panhandle – 150        Portneuf River – 35    Priest River – 80        
Salmon River – 55      Sawtooth – 30             Selkirk Valley – 30     Squaw Butte – 250     Treasure Valley – 175
Twin Rivers – 350      
GRAND TOTAL COMMITMENT – 1,670.  1,600 + 80 overs = 10 unspoken for calendars  
Total count from 2016 was 1,684.
Gay Hood, High Desert, made a motion that we print 1,600 plus the overage, Carl Gates, Boise, 2nd, Motion PASSED

501(c) - Karen Kimball, Panhandle and Chris Reed, BCHI Foundation President, were appointed by the Chairman as a temporary committee to look into 501(c) options.  In the minutes from the March 2016 SBD meeting the SDB discussed applying for a (c)4, but it was never voted on and questions were raised at the September 2016 SBD meeting on how to continue.
            Karen & Chris met with an attorney, plus Karen spoke with an accountant and both recommended a (c)7.  Karen asked members of the SBD to review the (c)7 and they determined that designation is for a Social Club that gets the majority of its monies from dues.  Kay Ryan, Treasurer, reported she had the application for a 501(c)4 ready to be submitted to the IRS.
            Karen Kimball, Panhandle, made a motion that BCHI proceed with the 501(c)4 designation, Joe Brinkman, Eagle Rock, seconded.  Discussion:  As a (c)4 we can lobby & submit legislation. This exemption only covers our State organization, to include coverage for the individual chapters would cost $3000.  It was noted that the 501(c) is a Federal designation to keep from paying Federal taxes on income in excess of $10,000 per year which would not apply to most chapters.  Non-profit is a State designation. Roll Call vote of 30 Yea’s 0 No’s. Motion PASSED. After the 501(c)4 vote passed by the SBD, the Boise Chapter withdrew their proposal regarding the 501(c) designation.

Public Lands Report – North – Rod Parks, Twin Rivers
            FS Saw Policy – Jerry Lane, Twin Rivers and Joe Robinson, North Central are going to be going out and training members. Whether they are willing to go out to train other chapters, you’ll have to ask them. It was asked if Rod knew anything about the battery operated chainsaws, they’ve been out for years but are still illegal to use in the wilderness. There is a proposal to have three trainers, one in the north, one in the middle and one in the south. Bob Savage, Chairman, had a conversation with the Coeur d’Alene FS and they had a meeting in Missoula and he said keep doing what we’re doing for the past few years and come about 2018 they’ll get their stuff together. Raenette Didier, North Central reported that Region 1 has signed on, but they don’t know about Region 4, so those chapters will have to check into it.
            Federal Register – have your Public Lands person check the Federal Register for FS, BLM and NPS a couple of times a month. Links for each can be found on the BCHI website’s Issue page. Most have a 30 day comment period. If you don’t comment, then no appeals can be done. Link to FS, BLM, & NPS
            Wallace L. Forest Conservation Area – this is BLM land located on Blue Creek Bay on Coeur d’Alene Lake. He and Karen Kimball, Panhandle, attended a meeting and voiced concerns over Mountain Bikes using the same trails as stock or running bike trails next to stock trails. One of his concerns with their proposal was that they are going to use IMBA (International Mt Bike Assoc) trail standards for the construction of all the trails. Why is a government agency using a private organization’s standards and gave the organizer a copy of the FS standards.
            Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail – if there are Mt Bike or motorized trails on it now they will look for ways to put trails around those for stock and hikers. He doesn’t know if Jim Michaud, Selkirk Valley, is still on the committee, but they now have a member from Montana BCH. You can request their 8 page report from him and he’ll e-mail it to you.
            Hemingway Boulder, White Clouds, and Jim McClure-Jerry Peak Wilderness’s – A letter regarding the HBWC has been sent. And the comment period for the Jim McClure-Jerry Peak deadline is March 17th. He sent out an e-mail asking for input. The Wilderness Management Plans are still going through their processes. Rod was concerned with the 2 hour limit for tying stock to a tree. How are they going to enforce that? There is a CFR, Code of Federal Regulations, tying stock to a tree is not a ticketable offence, but digging a hole around a tree is.  Some of us from Northern Idaho have been assisting Phil Ryan, Public Lands-South.
            Jim McClure-Jerry Peak Wilderness – Rod and Phil will write up the letter for the Chairman to sign and send. Bob Savage thanked Raenette & Steve Didier, North Central, Phil Ryan, Squaw Butte and Ken Wells, High Desert, for the time they put into the letter and going down to the Twin Falls FS and presenting our concerns on the HBWC.
            Wildlife Corridor – this started 10 years ago. It is a connected land bridge, 200 miles wide from Canada to Colorado and the Wilderness Society is trying to keep people out.

Public Lands Report – South - Phil Ryan, Squaw Butte
            Owyhee Initiative, still working with BLM and walked the area of Mud Flat Rd south of Grand View and they are going to build a non-motorized trailhead at Shoo-fly Ck and Perjue Canyon. There will be car areas, pull-troughs with highlines and a toilet. They’ll break dirt in 2018.
            Idaho Sportsman’s Alliance – there are no access issues affecting recreational stock use from any Fish & Game or legislative bills this year.
            HR 845 The National Forest System Trails Stewardship Act – passed Nov 2016. All 4 of the ID Forests are in there, the use of fire crews, the credits for Outfitters and Guides, standardized training across all regions for chainsaws and crosscuts and the liability for volunteers will be spread out all over the entire forest system as opposed to the districts only. The FS gave us 60 days after the enactment of this law to specify what area in Region 4 that we would like to see as a proposed area for increased trail maintenance. The Selway Bitterroots, The Frank Church and Gospel Hump Wildernesses were submitted and the FS now has six months to give their response. (See Attachment #4)
            The Boulder White Clouds Wilderness Management Plan - Bob Savage (BCHI Chairman), along with Steve and Raenette Didier, Ken Wells (President of the High Desert Chapter) and I attended a meeting with the Forest Supervisor in Twin Falls on February 21st to discuss our concerns in the management plan. (See Attachment #5)
            Jim McClure-Jerry Peak Wilderness – comments needs to be in by March 17th. They are going to add a trail and close three trails because they can’t find them on the ground. That’s a lack of maintenance on their part. So after the meeting, Rod, Bob and Phil are going to write out their response and send it out. If you are commenting on a federal document it can’t be emotional, it has to be substantive, and it has to be based on an issue that is improvable if possible. On form letters and when the FS sees more than one of them that is the same they count all of them as one comment. Change it around and put your own twist on it.
            Public Lands – we have local, state and national politicians who want to get rid of the public lands and bring them back to the state. We can’t afford that. It’s $100 million a year to run the BLM  and National Forests. Phil has been to several meetings and recently in Fruitland, a state legislator said she was against taking over the public lands and a guy stood up and said she just lied to the whole group and that he had her voting record right here. Congress has said that the public lands are worth no money now and they are trying to set aside $50 million of tax payer’s money so they can use that while they’re transferring the public lands. There was bill by a UT Senator that he had to cancel, to sell 3.3 million acres in the west, 110,000 acres here in ID. 960,000 acres in WY because it’s BLM land and kind of worthless, the largest coal deposit in the US are there. Just ask “Who’s going to pay for the fires?”
            Idaho Horse Council – is going to put out a coloring book.
            Idaho Sportsman’s Show – BCHI had a booth there and the attendance was over15,000. It’s a great way to get information out about us and our mission of supporting the national agencies in the maintenance of trails. The number one question asked of them was if we gave horse rides.

National Directors’ Reports – Sam Duncan. Palouse, on a side note, the Palouse president heard through a neighbor about a Palouse Land Trust. This was supposed to grant public access in perpetuity. But it was only for bicycles. With their involvement they got pull-through trailer spaces and trails that have access for horses and trails that have access for bikes. You need to be aware of what is going on around you, not everything is in the papers.
            House Bill 845, Strategy for Sustainable Trial System, the FS says they can’t meet their obligation of being ready for it as mandated which was originally Feb 28th. The Bob Marshall and Frank Church are going to get a lot of input. This is a good opportunity for us to work with other user groups to work with the FS to get trails cleaned up, as they are expecting severe cutbacks in their budgets. One of the mandates of this bill is that the FS is to take a more active role in working with volunteers groups.
            In Oregon they are using this bill to not do trails as they are not going to loan firefighting equipment or use firefighting funds. That would have to come out of recreation and groups provide their own equipment. Trails that appeared on the 1958 map, when digitalized were dropped without public input.
            South Dakota BCH is fighting a public lands transfer effort. School lands commission wants to trade some high value Black Hills area for prairie grassland of lesser use and value and the normal land exchange laws are not being adhered too.
            Missouri is also having land transfer issues with Fish & Game and FS. The agencies are buying the land and they hold it in perpetuity as a land trust. The Weeks Act may not allow these exchanges and that the state agencies can restrict horses, firearms, hunting, etc with no public input required.
            The bicyclists are still trying to get into the wilderness and have some intense lobbying going on behind the scenes and this issue will come up again.
            The Western Pine Beetle is wreaking havoc and millions of trees have been killed and California’s drought is responsible for another 102 million tree deaths. The Southern Pine Beetle is now appearing in the north east forests.
            Arkansas added two new BCH Groups.
            BCHA is working on a strategic business plan and are also asking everyone to join the $5 a month club.

Idaho Horse Council – Raenette Didier, North Central, reported that the BCHI comment letter to the Sawtooth NF on the Hemingway-Boulders & White Clouds Wilderness Management Plan was presented to the IHC Directors at their meeting on 1/28/17.  During the discussion each major point that BCHI raised, was discussed.  The IHC Board made a motion to support the BCHI stand on the proposal & send a letter of support to the Sawtooth NF under the IHC letterhead & the IHC Chairman's signature.  Motion Passed.
            The Idaho Horse Council represents all the equine groups in Idaho and they are very appreciative of BCHI watching out for what goes on, on the trails and on access.
            Steve Didier, North Central, noted that the word “Standing” was mentioned when talking about the letter, on the individual level, the chapter level, state level and national level, in order for you to disagree with an agencies decision on a plan, you have to have “Standing”. The only way to get that is to have input on the front end in the scoping process. Without it you have no legal basis to disagree.
            New IHC coloring book is titled, Lilly Rose Idaho Horse.  This is an educational tool for IHC.  The coloring books will be distributed free of charge to area restaurants to be given out to children.
            Brochures for the Idaho Horse Expo, April 21-22-23 at the Horse Park in Nampa were passed out.
            IH Board Grants, had $18,000 last year to give out and that the priority for grants is for youth organizations and horsemen groups up north.
            Equine in Idaho handouts.  This is a 2015 Equine study to determine the size of the equine industry in Idaho.  It was conducted by the Social Science Research Unit at the University of Idaho and was funded by the IHC and the Idaho Horse Board. People down south would lead you to believe that its racing that drives the horse organizations, it is not, it is the recreational horse. (See Attachment #6
            Bob Savage, Chairman asked if we have any Grant Writers in our group. The Idaho Horse Board’s grant is online and its only one page. Is there anyone who does this on a regular basis? They can be quite lengthy and time consuming.

Elections/Sept SBD Meeting   – Karen Kimball, Panhandle, and Brandon Breaux, Boise, were on the nominating committee and announced the following candidates for officers for 2017-2018:
            Bill Conger, Squaw Butte, to run for Chairperson, no nominations from the floor, Gretel Kleint, Heartland, made a motion to cast a unanimous ballot for Bill Conger as Chairperson, Joe Brinkman, Eagle Rock, seconded, all Yea’s, Bill Conger is confirmed as Chairperson.
            Phil Ryan, Squaw Butte and Rod Parks, Twin Rivers, to run for Vice Chairperson, no nominations from the floor. A vote by secret ballot was taken and Rod Parks is confirmed as Vice Chairperson.
            Both Kay Ryan, Squaw Butte as Treasurer and Debbie Samovar, Sawtooth as Secretary, have agreed to run another year, Bill Conger, Squaw Butte,  made a motion to renew their appointments for another year, Joe Brinkman, Eagle Rock, seconded, all Yea’s, Kay Ryan is confirmed as Treasurer and Debbie Samovar is confirmed as Secretary.
            BCHA National Director – there were no volunteers for the position. According to our By-Laws, we must have two national directors and an alternate director. Amy Lyman, Portneuf River, agreed to serve a two year term, 2017 & 2018  
            Marybeth Conger, Squaw Butte, agreed to serve a one year term as Alt BCHA National Director.
Bill Conger, Squaw Butte, made a motion to cast a unanimous ballot for both these ladies for these two positions, Sam Duncan, Palouse, seconded.
            After discussion, Bill Conger amended his motion to ask for a unanimous ballot to elect Amy Lyman for a 2 year term to go to the National meetings in 2017 and 2018, Brandon Breaux seconded, all Yea’s. Amy Lyman is confirmed as National Director for 2 years.
            It was noted that Sam Duncan would be up for election in 2018.
            Bill Conger amended his motion to ask for a unanimous ballot to elect Marybeth Conger as Alternate National Director of a one year term, Phil Ryan seconded, all Yea’s. Marybeth Conger is confirmed as Alternate National Director for 1 year.

Chainsaw Certification – Bob Savage, Chairman, contacted the Coeur d’Alene Forest and they said for 2017 to continue on with what we’ve been doing. Marybeth Conger, reported that we have a trainer from Twin Rivers and Joe Robinson from North Central. Karen Slack, Cache Peak has had training and she may be interested in being a trainer. When they get back we will need to develop a BCHI Sawyer Policy and Procedure Document. Training is in April. It was noted that the trainer will also need to have a CPR card. It is up to the chapter’s to get the CPR training. If you have anyone in your chapter who is interested, contact Marybeth and she will research what training is available.

Comments from the Chairman – Bob Savage reported that he has had a lot of comments from members on what is going on at the Board meetings. He suggested that Debbie Samovar, secretary, have the e-mails for all the members so that when issues come up she can e-mail blast everyone with the information. Is this something that we want to consider?
            Scott Nichols, Boise, mentioned that perhaps we need some form to recognize long term members and that we need a procedure for doing this. Perhaps the new Chairman is taking note of this and will handle it.

Sept SBD Meeting – Eagle Rock, Idaho Falls will host the SBD Meeting on Saturday, Sept 16th.

Adjourn – Motion made, seconded, adjourned at 5:58 .
Respectfully Submitted, Debbie Samovar, Secretary, 208-245-3041,    

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2017 BCHI State Convention Annual Business Meeting
March 11, 2017, Hosted by Boise BCH in Boise, ID


State Chairperson, Bob Savage called the BCHI business portion of the Convention to order with the Pledge of Allegiance at 8:30. State Secretary, Debbie Samovar, took a roll call of the chapters. The chapter's voting delegates were also declared.  All chapters were present with the exception of Sawtooth. Minutes from the 2016 Annual Business Meeting were e-mailed to Directors and Chapter Presidents to read before the meeting. The Chairman asked for a motion to accept the minutes as e-mailed, Bill Conger, Squaw Butte, so moved, Wayne Nishek, Selkirk Valley seconded, motion PASSED.

State Treasurer, Kay Ryan gave the BCHI Finance Report. Cynthia Dixon, Portneuf River, made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report, Dottie Yerkes, Priest River, seconded, motion PASSED.

Annual Financial Review - Gretel Kleint, Heartland and Karen Parks, Twin Rivers, reviewed the books and found them to be in very adequate condition. The Chairman asked for a motion to accept the audit report, Phil Ryan, Squaw Butte so moved, Chris Reed, Palouse, seconded, motion PASSED.

Foundation Report – Chris Reed, Palouse, Foundation President, reported that yesterday’s meeting was light in attendance and they would like to see more attendance from the Chapters. There should be a representative form every Chapter or at least contact information. The Foundation can not help your chapter sufficiently if you do not have a contact so you can know what the Foundation does for you. Bill Holt passes handouts to the Chapters who did not have a representative at the Friday meeting.
            They’ve worked on a Business Plan to raise their funding level to help with the education for all the Chapters for the training we need. They understand that there is a huge training issue on knowing what the Foundation is, the job duties are and education in general. So they want to work on that. All the officers have decided to retain their positions. Part of their Plan includes Amazon Smile.
            You can go to This brings up the 501(c)3 corporations that Amazon contributes to and they will donate one half of 1% of the sale. The Foundation has been part of this for two years, but it is not automatic, you have to go in and select Back Country Horsemen of Idaho Foundation, Inc. Once you do that, then bookmark it as one of your favorites. The Foundation is going to teach people on how to use this. Need to put a link on the BCHI website. Additionally the Foundation would like BCHI to put a PayPal link on the website for donations.
            The Foundation is also working getting donations for auction items. For this year’s auction, Twin Rivers brought in a donation of a Tourist .40 Smith & Wesson, with a box of ammunition, from CCI Speer.        
            Alice Millington, Treasurer, reported: Received Memorial Donations of $150.00 from Val & Sara Johnson for Mark Bogar, Bernie Lionberger and Bill Clements. Litehouse Trailhead Maintenance Fund had $692.45 yesterday and paid out $500.00 leaving $192.45 and Dale Schrempp is talking to Litehouse to see about getting more funding. Foundation Fund has $2,784.19 and Ambassador Program Fund has $935.74 for Total of $4,619.21
            Chris Reed will look into whether or not Litehouse has received recognition from us.

Public Lands Report – South - Phil Ryan, Squaw Butte
            Owyhee Initiative, BLM is planning a trailhead in the area of Mud Flat Rd south of Grand View and they are going to build a non-motorized trailhead at Shoo-fly Ck and Perjue Canyon. There will be car areas, pull troughs with highlines and a toilet. They’ll break dirt in 2018.
            Idaho Sportsman’s Alliance, there are 20 groups in this organization and we are the only horse group. There are no access issues affecting recreational stock use from any Fish & Game or the legislative bills this year.
HR 845 The National Forest System Trails Stewardship Act – passed Nov 2016. FS will use fire crews for trail maintenance, credits for Outfitters & Guides, standardized training chainsaws and crosscuts .across all regions. Liability for volunteers will be spread out all over entire forest system as opposed to the districts only. In Region 4 we proposed the Selway Bitterroots, The Frank Church & Gospel Hump Wildernesses for increased trail maintenance.
Boulder White Clouds Wilderness & Jim McClure-Jerry Peak Wilderness Management Plans – letters were sent to the FS offices regarding the limited stock use and tie up restrictions.
Public Lands –There was bill by a UT Senator that he had to cancel, to sell 3.3 million acres in the west, 110,000 acres here in ID. 960,000 acres in WY because it’s BLM land and kind of worthless, but it contains the largest coal deposit in the US are there. Just ask, if the state takes back the land,  “Who’s going to pay for the fires?”
Idaho Sportsman’s Show – BCHI had a booth there and the attendance was over15,000.

Public Lands Report – North – Rod Parks, Twin Rivers
FS Saw Policy – Jerry Lang, Twin Rivers and Joe Robinson, North Central are going to be going out and training people.
Federal Register – have your Public Lands person check the Federal Register for FS, BLM and NPS a couple of times a month.
Wallace L. Forest Conservation Area – this is BLM land located on Blue Creek Bay on Coeur d’Alene Lake. He and Karen Kimball, Panhandle, a attended a meeting and voiced concerns over Mountain Bikes using the same trails as stock or running bike trails next to stock trails. One of his concerns with their proposal was that they are going to use IMBA (International Mt Bike Assoc) trail standards for the construction of all the trails. Why is a government agency using a private organization’s standards and gave the organizer a copy of the FS standards.
Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail – it goes from Glacier NP to Olympic NP. If there are Mt bike or motorized trails on it now they will look for ways to put trails around those for stock and hikers.

Pack Support for the Selway Bitterroots Frank Church Foundation - Brandon Breaux, Boise reported that we received a list of projects from them that they are seeking pack support. (See Yellow Highlights on Attachment #1)

Education Chair Report – Marybeth Conger, Squaw Butte, presented the BCHI Education and Recruitment Video. that will soon be one the website for chapters to download to use at public outreach events. The goal is to introduce our organization to the public and to grow our members. Robbin Schindele is the creative person who put this together and it was our members who submitted the photos. It is currently on
            With the assistance of Karen Kimball, Panhandle, Marybeth had some fabulous door prizes she gave away to Delegates who could answer questions about LNT. Leave No Trace training is based on a pyramid, Master Educators who go to the training and they are certified to train Trainers. Then the trainers go to the Train the Trainers course who are then able to go out and do LNT training to members, the public and lead awareness workshops. We have all the training syllabus on our website.
            Marybeth called up the volunteers who want to be Master Educators, Aaron Krebs, Squaw Butte and Aline Brinkman, Eagle Rock. They both felt there was a need to educate the next generation and those who are out on the trails doing things they shouldn’t be doing.
            Marybeth called upon Paul McBride, Priest River, who went to the BCHW Regional Leadership Training in Moses Lake, who talked about the training modules. Marybeth and Karen Kimball will work on a Training Module for ID. The people who currently have the positions on the State level will be doing the training.  (See Attachment #2)
Sawyer Certification –  Joe Robison, North Central, has agreed to help gather information on this. He and Jerry Lane, Twin Rivers, are going to White Bird in April for a workshop.
            Bob Savage, Chairman, congratulated Marybeth on all her efforts and recognition from BCHA.

Idaho Horse Council – Raenette Didier, North Central, distributed the 2015 Idaho Equine Censes that comes out every five years showing how much income the horse industry brings into Idaho. The majority is from recreational use. (See Attachment #3).
            They heard about the BCHI comment letter to the Sawtooth NF on the Hemingway-Boulders & White Clouds Wilderness Management Plan and voted to send their own comment letter.
            IH Board Grants, $3.00 from each brand inspection goes into a fund from which they give out grants. It’s a one page application on their website and the filling deadline is the 1st of December.  The priority for grants is for youth organizations and horsemen groups.

Proposal Regarding State Fund Raiser – Raenette Didier, North Central. Based on comments from chapters who don’t want to sell the calendars, they did not want a proposal to come up to do away with the calendars and be stuck with trying to come up with a way to raising money. If in the future, a chapter puts forth a proposal comes do away with calendars, that proposal must also have a replacement means of fund raising.
            A vote by the Delegates will be taken and if it passes then it will be in the books, that whatever our fund raiser is, now or in the future, that there be a replacement there before we drop it.
            Raenette read the Proposal in full. A question was asked regarding paragraph two, that if their chapter does not support the calendars, then they’re out? North Central wanted other chapters to know, that when things are passed at the State level from Directors or the Delegates, that’s speaking for that chapter. So when they come back to the chapter and say this passed then that is how it will be. A good example is a dues increase. Whether you chapter voted for it or not, if it passes at the State level, then all chapters have to abide by it. (See Attachment #4)
            A break was taken so the North Central Delegates could discuses the concerns of the other chapters. The first addressed the BCHI By-Laws, where the chapters support the charter and mission of BCHI. That’s an admonishment. It doesn’t mean it’s going to happen; it’s what chapters are expected to do. When you write a proposal, this is the format that BCHI has used for years, the “Whereas” and such. The actual proposal is the “Be It Proposed” and that is what the vote will be on.
            Brandon Breaux called for the vote. 51 Yea’s, 23 No’s, Proposal PASSED.

501(c) Proposal – Boise brought forth a proposal for the SBD to take obtain a 501(c) tax exempt registration number. As the Directors voted on getting a 501(c)4 on Friday, Boise  withdrew their proposal.  The Treasurer then explained what transpired at yesterday’s meeting. This is for the State only and not the chapters. 

Calendar Prizes – Phil Ryan, Squaw Butte made a motion that we reduce the Grand Prize from $6,000 to $3,000 for the 2018 calendars, Alice Millington, Treasure Valley, seconded,
Brandon Breaux called for the vote and Paul McBride called for the question, 71 Yea’s, 3 No’s, motion PASSED.  It was noted that it is a Calendar Raffle, not Calendar Sales.
It was asked if we could submit photos form out of state for the calendar. Discussion was tabled to the September SBD’s meeting.

Elections – Bob Savage, Chairman, introduced the new Officers and National Directors who were elected at the Friday SBD meeting.
            Chairman – Bill Conger, Squaw Butte
            Vice-Chair – Rod Parks, Twin Rivers
            National Director – Amy Lyman, Portneuf River, for a two year term
            National Director – Sam Duncan, Palouse, for a one year term.
            Alt Nat Director - Marybeth Conger, Squaw Butte, for a one year term.
            Web Coordinator – Jill Nebeker, Treasure Valley
Both Kay Ryan and Debbie Samovar have agreed to continue as Treasurer and Secretary

Karen Kimball present to Bob Savage with the BCHI State Chairman’s pin for all of his dedicated service of 2 years.

Adjourned at 11:57 MT

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